Service agreement

Terms of Service
Welcome to (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). The services of this website are provided to you by ------Hong Kong Ou Bo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we").
This Agreement is a contract between you and us regarding matters related to the services of this website. After you click "I have read and agreed", this Agreement constitutes a legal document binding on both parties. Before using the services on this website, please read this agreement carefully. If you do not agree to this agreement or any of them, you should immediately stop using the service of this website. If you use the services of this website, your use will be deemed to be the endorsement of the entire content of this agreement.
I. Confirmation of the terms of service
1. The content of this agreement includes the text of the agreement and all the rules that have been published on the website or may be released in the future. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement. Unless otherwise expressly stated, any services provided by us and its affiliates are subject to this Agreement. You acknowledge that the terms of this Agreement are contracts that deal with the rights and obligations of both parties and are always valid, unless otherwise required by law or otherwise specifically agreed by the parties.
2. If you click to agree to this agreement, you are deemed to have confirmed that you have the corresponding rights and ability to enjoy the services of this website, ordering shopping, etc., and can independently assume legal responsibility.
3. If you are under the age of 18, it is recommended that you ask your guardian to read this agreement carefully and use the services of this website or provide information to this website with the consent of your guardian. If you carry out a civil act that is inconsistent with your civil capacity without the consent of your guardian, you and your guardian shall bear all legal consequences as a result of the law.
4. We reserve the right to refuse service, close user accounts, clear or edit content, cancel orders, etc., within the scope permitted by current laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
Second, account registration and use
1. You should provide true, accurate, complete, legal and valid registration information to this website in good faith. If your registration information changes, it should be updated in time. If the registration information you provide is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, and incomplete, you are liable for the corresponding responsibilities and consequences, and we reserve the right to terminate your use of the services on this website.
2. After you have successfully registered, you will be given account information such as your username and password. You can change your password according to the rules of this website. You should take care of and use your username and password with reasonable care and consent and undertake to be responsible for all activities that occur under your account. You may not transfer or authorize others to use your account (including username and password) on this website in any way. If you find that your personal information is leaked, especially if your account information (such as username and password) is leaked or there is a security breach, please notify us immediately so that we can take appropriate measures. If necessary, you should report to the public security organ. .
3. You agree that we have the right to send order information, promotions and other information to you and to the consignee you confirm by email, SMS, phone, etc. If we send you a notice or message in these electronic forms, you will be deemed to have received such notice or message.
Third, service usage specifications
1. This Agreement is based on the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. You agree to strictly observe the following obligations:
(1) The following information shall not be produced, reproduced, published or disseminated on this website or by using our services: violation of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations; endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity; Honor and interest; overthrowing the socialist system; inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity; undermining national religious policies, proclaiming cults and feudal superstitions; spreading rumors, disrupting social order, undermining social stability; spreading obscenity, Pornography, gambling, violence, terror or abetment; insulting or slandering others, infringing on intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others, copyrights, trademarks, etc.; inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstrations, gathering people to disturb social order; The activities of the civil society organizations; other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
(2) The transmission of information from Hong Kong to overseas must comply with relevant Hong Kong laws and regulations.
(3) You may not use this website to engage in illegal activities such as money laundering, stealing trade secrets, stealing personal information.
(4) Do not interfere with the normal operation of this website, and may not invade this website or the National Computer Information System.
(5) Do not teach others to engage in acts prohibited by this section.
(6) You must not use the account registered on this website for profit-making business activities.
2. We reserve the right to delete all types of information on this website that do not comply with laws, regulations, policies, public orders, untrue, and lapsed, without further notice to you. If you violate the provisions of this agreement, this website has the right to make independent judgments and take measures such as suspending or closing your account. You are responsible for your own statements and actions on this website.
Fourth, product compliance
The products sold on this website are imported goods, and the products themselves are not Chinese-labeled. These goods are subject to the laws of the country of origin of the goods, and such laws may be different from the requirements of Hong Kong laws and regulations, such as language, product packaging and logos. Product information disclosure, health standards, quality and other aspects. Please pay special attention to these differences when choosing to purchase goods. If you have any objection to these differences, please be cautious to purchase; if you choose to purchase, you will be deemed to recognize these differences, and you should not claim any rights on the grounds that the difference does not conform to Hong Kong laws, regulations and policies. We make no commitment to the quality, packaging, labeling, and disclosure of the goods.
V. Product information
Product information such as the price, quantity, availability, and shelf-up time of this website may change at any time without prior notice. Due to the large amount of product information on the website, although we will do our utmost to make the information of the products you browse more accurate, due to the obvious reasons such as the well-known Internet technology factors, the information displayed on the website of this website may have a certain lag. Or mistakes, you know and understand this situation; this website is welcome to correct.
Six, the order
1. When you place an order, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, size, contact address, telephone number, consignee and other information of the purchased product. If the consignee is inconsistent with you, the consignee’s behavior and meaning are deemed to be your actions and meanings, and you shall be jointly and severally liable for the legal consequences of the consignee’s actions and meanings.
2. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, the parties agree as follows: The information on the products and prices displayed on this website is only the release of the transaction information of the sellers. When you place the order, you must fill in the quantity and price of the goods you wish to purchase. Payment method, consignee, contact information, ID card information, delivery address, etc. The order information generated by the system is automatically generated by the computer information system based on the content you filled in. It is only the transaction request that you send to the merchandise seller. You are deemed to have established a trading relationship with the seller of the goods only if the seller has actually placed the goods you ordered in the order from the warehouse (marked as shipped). You can log in to your account registered on this website at any time to check the status of your order.
3. Due to market changes and various factors that are difficult to control with reasonable commercial efforts, we do not guarantee that the goods you wish to purchase will be available in the order information you submit; if the goods you intend to purchase are out of stock, you have the right. cancel order.
Seven, distribution
1. All delivery times listed on this website are only reference time. The calculation of reference time is based on factors such as the inventory status of overseas commodity sellers, normal processing, customs clearance time, delivery time, delivery location, etc. Out, we don't make any promises about delivery time. The items you order on this website are shipped by us through the carrier. You acknowledge and agree that once we deliver the goods you ordered to the carrier, it means that you have entered into a transportation agency agreement with the carrier to form a legal relationship for the transportation agency contract. Therefore, the ownership and loss of the merchandise is transferred to you when we deliver it to the carrier.
2. The products displayed on this website are all overseas, and the logistics delivery time is slightly longer. If you confirm the order, you will be deemed to accept the delivery method and schedule. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our website.
3. We are not responsible for delays in delivery due to delays in the order or failure to deliver the following:
(a) the information you provided is incorrect, the address is not detailed, etc.;
(b) No one signs after delivery of the goods, resulting in failure to deliver or delay delivery;
(c) You have been returned by Customs and fined in violation of customs clearance policy;
(d) You have not submitted the goods on time or have not submitted the customs clearance procedures, resulting in delays and detention of the goods;
(e) the cause of the carrier or a third party;
(f) caused by a situational change factor;
(g) Caused by force majeure factors such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, and sudden wars.
VIII. Ownership and intellectual property terms
1. By accepting this Agreement, you represent the property of any form of legal information (including but not limited to customer reviews, customer inquiries, various topic articles, etc.) that you post on this website at any time. Transferable rights such as sexual rights, such as copyright property rights (including not limited to: reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting rights, information network communication rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation The rights, the right of assembly and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner are all exclusive and irrevocably transferred to us and affiliated companies. You agree and confirm that we have the right to sue for any infringement of the infringing entity. The proceeds are all owned by us.
2. You agree and fully understand the terms of this Agreement and undertake not to publish or authorize other entities to use the information published on this website in any way (including but not limited to use on various websites and media). .
3. We are the creator of this website, have the legal rights to the copyright of the content and resources of this website, are protected by law, have the right to change the contents of this agreement and this website from time to time in accordance with laws, regulations, policy changes, actual business needs, etc. Make changes and update them on this website without further notice to the user.
4. Except as otherwise required by law, no unit or individual may illegally copy, reproduce, quote, link, crawl or otherwise use this article in whole or in part without the express written permission of this website. The information content of the website, otherwise, we have the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
5. All content contained or provided on this website, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software, is the property of the merchandiser or us and its content providers. Protected by Hong Kong and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this website is our exclusive property and is protected by Hong Kong and international copyright laws. All software on this website is the property of us or its affiliates or their software suppliers and is protected by Hong Kong and international copyright laws.
6. Any unit or individual who believes that the content of this website (including but not limited to the information posted by the user on this website) may be suspected of infringing its legal rights and interests, should promptly notify us in writing and provide true identification, ownership certificate, specific Link (URL) and detailed proof of infringement. After receiving the above legal documents, the verification is true, we will remove the relevant allegedly infringing content as soon as possible according to law, and we will not bear any responsibility for the user's behavior.
Nine, disclaimer
1. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, this website and all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in or otherwise provided to you through this website are "as is". And provided on an "as available" basis.
2. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the operation of this website and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services contained on this website, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing. (Except as otherwise provided by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China).
3. We do not warrant all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained on or through this website, or its servers or emails sent from this website, without viruses. Or other harmful ingredients.
4. If the sales system of this website crashes or fails to function due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of this website, we will reasonably try our best to assist in the handling of the aftermath, but we do not Take any liability.
X. Agreement changes
1. In accordance with the changes in relevant laws and regulations and the operation of the website, we have the right to modify the terms of this agreement from time to time. Once the revised agreement is issued on this website, it will take effect and replace the original agreement. Users should always check the latest agreement.
2. The user is obliged to keep an eye on and read the latest version of the agreement and website announcement. If you do not agree to the updated agreement, you should immediately stop accepting the services provided by this website in accordance with this agreement; if you continue to use the services provided on this website, you are deemed to agree to the updated agreement.
3. We recommend that you read this Agreement and the announcements on this website before using this website. If any of the Agreements is deemed to be revoked, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the Article shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.
XI. Legal jurisdiction and application
1. The validity, interpretation, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (but excluding its conflict of laws rules). In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and applicable law, these terms will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the law, and other valid terms will continue to be valid. In the absence of relevant laws, reference should be made to general international business practices and/or industry practices.
2. During the implementation of this agreement, the parties to the dispute shall be dealt with through negotiation. When the negotiation fails, both parties agree to choose a court of competent jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
Twelve, other
1. We respect the legal rights of users and consumers. This Agreement and the various rules, statements and other content posted on this website are intended to serve users and consumers better and more conveniently. This website welcomes users and the community to provide comments and suggestions. We will accept and revise this agreement and various rules on this website.
2. Your registration is deemed to be your full understanding and agreement to be bound by this Agreement.
3. The terms of this agreement are clearly marked in bold, bold, underline, etc. Please read carefully.
4. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we have the right to interpret this Agreement and the content of this website.