1.Have you ever tried ecig?


E-cigarettes are also called virtual cigarettes and electronic atomizers. They have the same appearance and taste similar to cigarettes, and even have a lot more flavors than ordinary cigarettes. They can also smoke, taste and feel like cigarettes.


Healthy e-cigarettes are the same as regular cigarettes:

1. There is a suction action when inhaling, which can swallow clouds and mist;

2. It enables smokers to enjoy smoking addiction and refreshing;

3. It can meet the psychological and physiological needs of smokers and meet the habits of smokers for many years.

Atomized electronic cigarettes are not the same as ordinary cigarettes:

1. E-cigarette. It does not contain harmful tar components and no carcinogens;

2. The electronic cigarette does not burn, and there are no harmful chemicals produced after burning;

3. E-cigarettes will not cause the harm of "second-hand smoke" to others and pollute the environment;

4. E-cigarettes do not need fire and there is no hidden danger of fire. They can be used in fire-proof spaces.


The main components of e-cigarette e-liquid are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, pure water, nicotine and scent.

E-liquid, also known as e-liquid, is the core of e-cigarettes and determines the taste, amount of smoke and the ultimate smoking experience of e-cigarette users. The smoke oil is volatilized by the atomizer to form mist-like water vapor, which can be used by people. Because it has not been burned, it does not contain harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and tar, and will not produce second-hand smoke hazards.