4. Secondhand vapor, is there a risk?


There are plenty of reasons people choose to switch from cigarettes to vaping products. Whether it’s social reasons, being healthier, taste…the growing list of positives outweigh the negatives. But one reason seems to be a major deciding factor on why people switch to vaping: NO SMOKE.


Smoke in your lungs (or smoke in other peoples’ lungs) is the major issue that comes along with smoking cigarettes. The major reason why cigarette smoking is now put in designated spots is because of secondhand smoke. But what’s the deal with vaping? Is there a secondhand vaping risk? Here are a few things you need to know about secondhand vapor.


Why Even Worry?

Over the last 20 years, the average cigarette smoker has found themselves cast out of most public settings, and thrown into a small designated area…to find with others like them there. Studies have shown that inhaling secondhand cigarette smoke can cause damage to the lungs and body, over time. Even though recent studies have shown that secondhand cigarette smoke is less harmful than previously thought, the segregation of the smokers has not lessened. So naturally, based on the publics’ view of cigarettes secondhand smoke, it’s easy to wonder whether or not vaping can be harmful, as well.


Not Enough Time

Vaping is, in the grand scheme of things, relatively brand new. Researchers have had tons of more time to observe the effects of cigarette secondhand smoke then they have had for vapor. Due to this time discrepancy, there is much less scientific evidence and information available to the public when it comes to this topic. As the popularity of vaping products increases, more studies are taking place and soon we will have a better understanding of the effects.


What About All The Added Stuff?

A major factor that scientists are looking into are the added flavors and taste to vaping oil/juice. Well, just like all products you take into your body, the better the quality, the better the health effects. Although there still isn’t enough research/information to prove this completely, looking for higher quality flavor products, sometimes even organic, can be the safer bet for people around you.


Breathe Easy For Now

Despite the fact there isn’t as much information about vaping secondhand vapor as there is cigarettes, initial reports all point to positives.

As of now, there is no evidence that secondhand vapor causes any harm to people nearby. With that being said, you should always still be courteous to people around you who may not understand the safety of secondhand vapor.