5. Know your vape.

Vapour devices are the new trend in the smoking industry; capturing the established market of conventional cigarettes, a small portion every year. People also refer to them as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.
If you are a fan of vaping, then you would love to know that the world of vapes is quite massive. Vapes are sold in a variety of designs, types and individual components.
Quick Read Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking Conventional Cigarettes
● Its smoke does not contain tar
● It is odour-free
● It is easier and safer to use
● It does not release noxious gases
● It does not require fire
● It costs less than conventional cigarettes
● It can help you quit smoking because the nicotine content in the e-liquids can be manipulated as per desire
The Brief Anatomy of Vapour Devices
● Tanks- The tanks contain the wicks, heating coil and e-liquid.
● Coils- It is a replaceable assembly of wire that is wounded into a spring-like coil shape.
● Batteries-This is used to power the device or Mod. Some use replaceable batteries while some are compatible with integrated batteries.
● Mods– It is the part which houses the batteries. The batteries are connected, and the power is transferred to the atomiser by this component.
● E-juice- It is a mixture of propylene glycol, nicotine, vegetable glycerin and food flavourings.
Type of Choices
● A La Carte
As the name suggests, it is a type of vape selection where you can choose individual components as per your desire, to feel the most personalised experience possible. There are some components mentioned above which are necessary to create a working vaping device, but even those components have individual varieties like designs, shapes, colours, quality and efficiency. You can choose the ones you like, and experience the best vape experience possible for you!
● Complete system
Even this is self-explanatory, the vaping device where all the components are pre-fixed is known as a complete system. You don’t have to put in extra effort to choose the parts; rather, you can just visit the vendor and purchase the device that you like, and get going!
Types of Devices
● Pen-style devices
These devices are slightly larger than cig-a-likes, which allow them to offer a better battery life. These also cost less than other vapour devices and are simple to use. Some of the pen-style devices also allow the user to adjust output power to customise the overall experience.
● Cig-A-like
It is the most common vapour device in this list; available in two main types, refillable and disposable. As the name suggests, refillable cig-a-likes are vapour devices which allow you to recharge the battery or refill the liquid when it has run dry, while disposable cig-a-likes are devices which are disposed of when the battery or flavour runs dry. Both the devices work in the same way but are not much effective if you desire to experience strong vapour or flavour. You can choose flavours with high nicotine content to be sated with your vape experience.
● TC devices
This is the most modern form of vapour devices. ‘TC’ stands for ‘temperature control’. The device automatically senses the temperature of the coil and accordingly adjusts the power that is required to be supplied to the coil. This prevents the coil from getting heated past its specified threshold. This feature makes these vapour devices the safest and most effective ones in the list.
● VV/VW devices
The effectiveness of these devices makes them the most popular ones on this list. It may or may not use an internal battery, but it is loaded with additional features. Users can adjust the wattage or voltage to modify the output power. These devices also offer a variety of customisable options, i.e. more designs, structures and colours.
● Mechanical devices
Mechanical devices have the simplistic design among all vapour devices because they don’t have many moving parts that can go bad, no wires or circuitry; making it durable and rugged. They also don’t have many protection features, which makes it quite dangerous for inexperienced users, while experienced ones can push their limits as well as the limits of the device because of it. Only advanced users shall purchase these devices and always use it with care!