The atomizer is the most important component of an electronic cigarette. The atomizer includes an inner core heating wire and a smoke liquid tank, and the heating wire is a replaceable part.


I. Classification of Electronic Atomizers:

Disposable cartridge cartomizer

Oil storage atomizer (small) clearomizer / atomizer

Oil storage atomizer (large) tank atomizer

DIY oil storage big atomizer RTA / RBA (rebuildable tank atomizer)

DIY drip oil atomizer RDA (rebuildable dripper atomizer)

The finished atomizer does not require the user to manually create a coil, and can be used by directly adding smoke liquid to the hand, which is simple and convenient. Generally, you only need to change the internal atomizer core in the later period of use. The finished atomizer can also manually rebuild the coil, but the method is much more difficult than the RBA RDA atomizer.

DIY nebulizer, as its name implies, requires users to make coils manually, suitable for players who have some hands-on ability and pursue the ultimate taste.

RDA oil drop atomizers generally do not have oil storage tanks, but now some RDA atomizers are also available, suitable for players who are seeking extreme smoke. They are used with mechanical batteries to get rid of general restrictions. Generally, RDA atomizers are used to "For play.


Second, the working principle of electronic aerosolizer:


The working principles of all atomizers are the same. They are powered by the host, heating the heating coil (or atomizing core) in the atomizer, the heating coil generates heat, and the smoke absorbed on the outer (or internal) oil-conducting coil of the evaporation coil is heated. The oil then takes away the atomized smoke through the airflow inhaled by the user. A change in any of these points will affect the taste of the atomizer.


The atomizer is divided into two types according to the characteristics of its atomizing core:

① The finished atomizer is called a finished atomizer (mostly an oil storage atomizer) because it uses a disposable finished heating element that is matched with the atomizer. Generally, it is not equipped with a DIY base (some products are also equipped with DIY components), and the finished heating element can be reset due to its structural problems, but the effect after reset is generally difficult to reach the original effect, and it takes a long time time.


② RBA atomizer, also known as rebuildable atomizer core atomizer. It is not equipped with a finished atomizing core, and the player is required to wind the heating coil by himself, and install the heating coil and the oil guide cotton. According to its structure, it can be divided into three types: RTA, RDA, and RDTA.


RTA is a rebuildable oil atomizer, RDA is a rebuildable oil drop atomizer, and RDTA is a drop oil atomizer with oil tank.


RBA structural features: The structure of the finished atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, a top cover, an oil tank, a finished atomizing core, and a base. The RTA atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, a top cover, an atomization tank, a fuel tank, and a base of an electrode table. The RDA atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, a top cover of the atomization chamber, an atomization chamber, and a base of an electrode table. RDTA atomizer is generally composed of drip nozzle, atomization tank top cover, atomization tank, electrode table and bottom oil tank.


Generally speaking, the mouthfeel of the mouth-feeling atomizer is long and narrow, and the interior space and air inlet of the atomizer are small. There is an inverted cone-shaped gathering structure on the top of the atomizer. Fullness and clarity. Mouth-type nebulizers generally have small air inlets and can produce strong suction resistance (lung suction can be very difficult), so most of them use mouth suction.


Then the air duct of the large smoke atomizer is relatively thick (or there is no air duct), the space inside the atomization cabin and the air inlet are large, which can fully mix the smoke and the air, making the volume of the smoke larger. The mouthfeel is mainly rich. As the lungs are generally used for breathing, the smoke stays in the mouth for a short time, and the fullness and sharpness will decrease slightly.

Electronic cigarette detection:

The European Union's directive 2014/40 / EU on e-cigarettes and ancillary products has entered into force and has been strictly implemented. The directive has imposed a series of strict requirements on traditional tobacco and e-cigarettes exported to the EU. To export products to the European Union, e-cigarette manufacturers must find a professional third-party testing organization for e-cigarettes to do e-cigarette testing and provide recognized test reports.