10. How to clean the electronic atomizer?


How to clean the electronic atomizer? With the increasing number of users of electronic cigarettes, the users of electronic cigarettes have begun to develop towards DIY players. In this advanced way, the atomizer has become the preferred target. Is it just a start Can the new nebulizer be directly filled with oil? It must not be possible. A new DIY nebulizer must be cleaned before use. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure hygiene, because it is manually assembled, which will inevitably lead to unsanitary conditions. the behavior of. Today I will teach you how to clean the atomizer, let's understand it together.


How to clean the electronic atomizer? First, prepare the cleaning materials: cups, tweezers, alcohol (medical alcohol), cotton swabs.
Then we disassemble the atomizer from bottom to top, namely the base, the atomization core, the atomization bin, and the cigarette holder. It should be noted that there are rubber rings on the top and bottom of the atomizing core, and remove them with tweezers. Then soak the cotton swab in alcohol for 10 seconds, and wipe out all accessories after removal, except the rubber band, because alcohol will affect the material of the rubber band.
The purpose of alcohol here is to disinfect. Then put the required accessories into the cup, except the atomizing core and rubber ring, because there is cotton in the atomizing core, it is not easy to dry with water, and the rubber ring prevents softening. Pour boiling water into the cup, soak it for 2 minutes, then take it out and dry it with a new cotton swab. After 5 minutes, reinstall the required accessories, and we can use it with confidence.
How to clean the electronic atomizer? Coca-Cola
American Beverage takes about 24 hours to soak an electronic aerosolizer in a glass of cola drink. Take out, wash with warm water, cold water, boiled water, and blow dry. This method is cumbersome and may not be ideal. The smoke oil tastes very strong.
How to clean the electronic atomizer? Hot water
Warm water can be poured into a suitable amount of hot water in the electronic aerosolizer, shake it gently for one to two minutes, then pour the water out and dry it with a hairdryer. This method is simple, but still leaves a strong taste of e-liquid.
How to clean the electronic atomizer? Vinegar
Necessities for daily life: Put the nebulizer in clear water mixed with vinegar, and then cook it. After about ten minutes, wash it with clean water and blow dry. Cleaning the electronic aerosolizer with vinegar is a good choice, and the results are ok.
How to clean the electronic atomizer? Vodka
Russian wine Blow dry the atomizer, pour an appropriate amount of vodka, seal the mouth of the atomizer with your fingers, and gently shake it for one to two or two minutes before discarding. Then rinse with hot water and let it dry. Remember, you don't need to blow, the vodka taste needs to fade away. This is a very cute method, but it is also a more effective method, which can basically eliminate the dirt and taste on the inner wall of the electronic cigarette atomizer.
The above is how to clean the electronic atomizer. These four methods can be related. The DIY atomizers on the market are different, but the cleaning methods are the same. As long as you follow the above method, you don't need to worry about atomization. The device is unsanitary.