12. How to classify electronic cigarette holders

Classified by function
I. Taste-type cigarette holder
The mouthfeel type cigarette holder is the most representative of the Gomoku cigarette holder, which has a strong gathering type. First of all, the author thinks that the mouthfeel type cigarette holder must have a small caliber. This hour, relatively speaking, we imagine that under the same smoke output, When you gather it up, the smoke will become dense. In simple terms, a unit of smoke is compressed to a third or less. However, the smoke unit volume decreased, but the concentration increased. Therefore, the mouthfeel type mouthpiece has a small size to achieve the compression effect and the effect of gathering. The size of the 510 interface on the bottom of most mouthpiece types will be larger than the above output caliber. . The typhoon is also an atomizer that is biased towards taste. Typhoon cigarette holders also belong to mouthfeel type cigarette holders, but they do not have the effect of gathering. Most of the mouth feel type cigarette holders are used on oil storage single-shot atomizers, that is, the traditional mouth feel type atomizers, a conventional method.
Second, through type cigarette holder
This type of cigarette holder is relatively large and appears in the mouth smoke. The general design is that the diameter of the 510 mouthpiece interface is the same as the diameter of the output smoke. This type of cigarette holder is designed to lengthen the flue and can be more complete. The feeling after passing the cigarette oil atomization, the type ud of the mouthpiece ud Golia, and the tank mini these atomizer mouthpieces belong to the mouthpiece.
This cigarette holder is a one-to-one transmission of smoke. There are not many changes. In addition, there is an increase in the internal thread of the straight mouth of the ud. How much does this thread sublimate in the mouth? Actually, it has not changed much. But it has a certain effect on the smoothness of the smoke. Therefore, this type of cigarette holder is more commonly used in oil storage large smoke atomizers, and the finished large smoke atomizers.
Third, the big smoke cigarette holder
The common feature of the big smoke 510 cigarette holder is that the caliber of the top output is larger than that of the 510 interface at the bottom. A large part of the nozzle of the oil drop atomizer is in this design mode. There is also a recent design, a semi-closed type cigarette holder. This type of cigarette holder appears in the oil drop atomizer. The difference between the diameter of the cigarette holder and the diameter of the bottom bin is not particularly large. The diameter of the cigarette holder of the oil drop atomizer is large because it can ensure the output of the smoke and fill the lungs quickly. If it is small, it must be the category of mouthpiece atomizer.
We have simply divided the general types into three categories, each type has its own unique characteristics, so we are looking at the use of a nebulizer. The cigarette holder indirectly indicates the original intention of the designer, as well as the original The design concept, there are some more collocations, the author can only say that most of the design concepts of the cigarette holder of the atomizer follow this law. The material of the cigarette holder is not the same. The traditional cigarette holders are made of metal, but they have different shapes. Different materials evolved in the later period, so let's talk about the material of several cigarette holders in the author's hand, and the special shape difference.
Classified by material
I. Steel cigarette holder
The mouthpiece of steel is the most traditional material. The color of this mouthpiece is the same as the color of the atomizer. When the design is coordinated, there will be an indescribable beauty, the beauty of that metal. However, the shortcomings of this type of cigarette holder are closely related to the shape, and it is more obvious to use it on dripping oil. As we all know, metal conducts heat quickly, so some resistances are relatively easy to generate heat. There is no other way, and the atomizer that likes to fry oil should be made up with a long atomizer. Or resistance adjustment.
Material of wood
There is some jerky use of wood, but the benefit is also obvious, that is, heat insulation. This straight-through cigarette holder, coupled with the material of wood, is indeed a good choice for the oil drop atomizer, but this shape does not look good It's a bit stupid, but now there are a lot of wood butts and shapes.
Third, Teflon cigarette holder
Teflon is commonly known as the king of plastic, also known as Teflon. This material is a synthetic polymer material that uses fluorine to replace hydrogen atoms in polyethylene. It has good high temperature resistance properties, and traditional metal structures can no longer be used. To meet the needs of today's players, the substitute material came into being. The material of this Teflon is actually plastic, but in terms of use, it will not be hot, but due to the material, most of them are straight or waist. Shape, without the complexity of metal processing. When I use a Teflon cigarette holder, the feeling is very smooth, and it is important to use it in winter. This is very important.
Fourth, resin cigarette holder
In fact, in a broad sense, the resin material is the main processing material for plastics. It is also a material that can be processed and used plastically. The resin color must be more beautiful than other plastic materials. Because of the uncertain factors in the processing process, the resin pattern that appears is Cannot be artificially determined. It also created uniqueness. The original resin cigarette holders were large smoke cigarette holders, or the original design of the straight cigarette holder. Because the resin's heat insulation is very good, the junior high school using resin is also for heat insulation, so it tends to be large caliber. Later, slowly leaned towards the shape of the mouthpiece.
V. Stabilizers
The mouthpiece of stable wood and wood, the mouthpiece of resin are the same, heat insulation, and it is expensive and delicate, because the unique processing method of stable wood is much longer than other materials, and the pattern produced can not be processed. Artificial determination, can only guess the approximate pattern, this material is also a local cigarette holder.
Six, glass cigarette holder
The glass cigarette holder is the second material that people think of after they are made of metal. However, although glass has thermal insulation properties, beautiful colors and light transmission, the fragile body and the difficulty of shaping prevent glass from being used in Utilization on the cigarette holder. Another thing is that the condensate during our suction will also remain ruthlessly on the cigarette holder. This is really a headache. Therefore, there are still relatively few atomizers using cigarette holders.
The above is the material of the cigarette holder, which is only a part of the history of the cigarette holder. There are many other materials that are not described. Anodized aluminum. Wait for some materials, but are these materials really necessary? I believe that the thermal insulation, plasticity, and safety of the material are important, but the shape of the cigarette holder has more impact on the taste than the material. I understand that the material The different influences are the different feelings, thermal insulation, and appearance. The appearance occupies important factors. Now that the shape is mentioned, let's talk about the characteristics of the cigarette holder design.
Classified by shape
I. Closing Design
The design of the mouthpiece still appears in most mouthpieces of taste type, in order to gather the smoke, or to reduce the diameter of the inner wall of the mouthpiece to achieve the purpose of gathering. This mouthpiece will change the concentration of smoke.
Second, lengthen the cigarette holder
This type of cigarette holder is a type I prefer. Lengthening the atomizing duct can effectively reduce the temperature and fully fuse the smoke. The most important match with the pipe is a very helpful choice. The extended cigarette holder can prevent oil explosion.
Third, the design of the waist
This design is a bit interesting, it can prevent condensate, and it is also a martyr that lengthens the cigarette holder. The waist is also a contraction of smoke. The more typical are the firebird atomizer and nautilus atomizer.
Four, 510 cone design
The cone is designed on the 510. This small design is still used. It is obvious on the corolla cigarette holder. Because the corona atomizer has a lot more condensation than other atomizers, in the design of the arc of the top cover, the conical design of the cigarette holder can effectively prevent condensation.
to sum up
Everyone has listened to the author for a long time, and also said that the simple cigarette holder is a bit ridiculous, but the original intention of this article is to let everyone have some understanding of the cigarette holder in the atomizer. In other words, does the material and shape of the cigarette holder really change the smoke and taste? The answer is yes, there are differences. No matter it is the effect of the material on the touch of our lips, or the heat insulation, and the change of the shape to the smoke, the author believes that the cigarette holder can indeed change the taste and smoke, but whether this change has more direct adjustment of resistance and power, if Everything is adjusted, your cigarette holder is the icing on the cake, isn't it?