15. The Economy of Vaping

The Economy of Vaping
Smokers are a dying breed. Whether it is the incessant ranting of health advisory boards or the general discrimination that smokers face, a lot of people are withdrawing from this luxurious habit. So, if people were to quit smoking and its comfortable, soft smoky embrace, what would they turn to in their hour of need?
The world of addiction is a tricky one. Entering it may take some time, but leaving takes forever. So while people may have separated themselves from the ease that was offered by a burning stick of desires, they have quickly found an alternative to keep them happier.
A vape stick is an electronically charged cigarette that can be used multiple times. It isn’t a “use and throw” kind of a stick. It is one that can be recharged and used again and again. The vape stick has earned quite a good reputation in being the best alternative to cigarettes.
Although many have strongly opposed the claims made by vape promoters of it being a “healthy” option, it is proven to be definitely lighter on the pocket. Ecigarettes are a modern expansion in tobacco harm-reduction sphere and are sold as a less injurious substitute to smoking. But a stream of contradictory stories about their advantages (or disadvantages) has left consumers puzzled.
All in or all out
Hard core smokers wouldn’t give a vape stick the light of day. This means, no matter how many pro vaping banners they see, they will never “settle” for something as fake or puny as a vape pen. However, people who have found a taste in it are now addicted to it.
If we were to treat the “health” part of it separately, then the Vape pens or Ecigarettes have quite a few things to like. The one thing that we can be absolutely certain about vaping is that it has met very strong reactions. People either love it, or they can’t stand it.
The cost story
The saddest thing for a smoker is the burnt pocket. Every smoker has thought of quitting cigarettes, not because of his or her lungs, but because of the hole it burns in their pockets. If that is a concern, then one can rest assured that Ecigarettes will go a long way in saving some money.
These cigarettes are electronically rechargeable. This means that once you charge these cigarettes, you can take as many drags as you want and then turn it off to use the next time you want to use it. It comes with the main stick, a battery unit that has to be charged and an eliquid (flavor or vape that burns) that is filled in the cigarette chamber while smoking.
The vape stick needs to be bought just once. The price ranges from $5 to $20. The liquid is the only thing that needs to be bought when over. Everything else is with you forever. Keep charging, keep using. The best thing is that one time charging lasts days on end! So, if you’re on a budget and want to smoke, this one time investment is the best possible solution.